What we will do for you!! Future Solutions will provide  personalized customer service to guide you through your media duplication or media replication project. We are willing to spend time with you, discuss your requirements, and help you understand the replication vs. duplication services process. Your media reproduction service needs from onset to completion or anywhere in between will be fulfilled with our expert team of professionals.   Set-up/graphics/design/reproductions/packaging/fulfillment & logistics along with a quick emailed custom quote tailored to your requirements are all components of our service.

You can choose from a wide range of DVD, CD, Blue Ray, and USB drive (flash drive, thumb drive) duplication, replication, and packaging fulfillment services at Future Solutions.

Deciding which media services are best for you:  Not sure?  No Problem....What is the difference between CD / DVD Duplication services and CD / DVD Replication services?

*Media Duplication: Best for short runs with quantities less than 1000 or when needing 24 hour turnaround.  Duplication is a method known as “burning”.  This is the process of copying the contents of on CD or DVD to another disc.  At Future Solutions, we use multiple tower drives to complete your project quickly and efficiently. Your project will be duplicated with high quality media to ensure the best output and exact copy of your media.

 *Media Replication: Best for quantities of 1000 or more.  Replication is an injection molded manufacturing process know as “media pressing”. 

What about Media Packaging and Fulfillment? Our  30+  years experience in the media packaging industry will ensure that your short run media duplication projects, as well as your bigger media replication projects happen very quickly.  We understand a sense of urgency!  Your media packaging requirements will be serviced with cutting edge, time efficient, and cost effective methods.  This will maximize your profits and help you to achieve your goals quickly.

Set-up / graphics / design: Future Solutions employs a full service Graphic Design team.  We are fully capable to  layout and design your media packages or working we can work with Customer provided artwork.

Optical Media Reproductions & Related Services

Future Solutions core business is digital media reproductions driven by interactive projects from conception to distribution.

Media Replication: (DVD/CD: glass mastering, silk screening / offset printing, all quantities) DVD-5, 9 & 10, Dual Disc (DVD/CD) optical media is manufactured from the source DVD-R, DLT or FSI digital mastering process. Shapes produced are CardDiscs as well as 3” & 5” CD’s & DVD’s.

Media Duplication: (CD-R, DVD+-R, Tape:“VHS, Beta SP/SX & Digital, DVCAM, Mini DV, call”, Memory devices: USB, FTP remote mastering capability. Future Solutions uses the highest quality media to produce exact copies of your master. Our production services are among the fastest in the industry.  FSI is same day & 24 hour rush order capable.

Graphic Design: (Mac & Windows: Photoshop, Illustrator CS, Quark, most formats accepted) Future Solutions is full service.  Our graphic artist team can layout & design your media packages or we will work with client created artwork.  FSI provides printed and / or emailed PDF and digital proofs.

Media Printing & Packaging Services: (Media related: labels, case wraps, sleeves, inserts, tray cards, booklets, call)  We carry a full line of media packaging items including DVD Amaray cases, C-Shell cases and printed sleeves.  We insert your media with the packaging solution of your choice, including shrink wrapping when required.  FSI will also fulfill the shipment to your precise specifications.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.   We want to help you, please consider us as an extension to your development team.