Digital Catalog Publishing

What is a digital publishing? Digital Publishing is the act of turning ordinary paper page copy into a digital file.  Digital catalog pages are dynamic, flippable, and a cost effective way to publish traditional paper copy catalogs.  Digital Catalogs are published at a fraction of the price of paper copy publications and are easily edited to reflect changes without the cost of reprint.

Future Solutions can help you create digital catalogs for your business.   We turn your industry-standard, print-ready files into dynamic digital files that can be emailed, downloaded, or stored on a web site – reducing or eliminating printing and distribution costs.  Our digital publications look exactly like your printed versions, but are enhanced with dynamic features like Page flipping, Keyword Search, Bookmarking, Text highlighting, Printing, Interactive Table of contents and Live hyperlinks. Your readers need no special software to enjoy these features – just a recent web browser and flash plug-in. And your publishing staff need not alter their working methods.  Best of all we also deliver your publication to mobile devices.

Give us a call and we'll gladly quote prices or answer any questions you may have about digital publishing.