1. Select Your Media

A MEDIA is whatever exposes the QRCode for your campaign. It  can be on coffee mugs, postcards magazine ads, or even on the backs of marathon runners.

It is helpful to know the “behavior” and “profile” of your target audience when considering the right media for the campaign. Learn where they are likely to hang out or identify their tastes and expectations.

The idea is to select a media that naturally blends in with their lifestyle. Remember, both you and the audience are embarking on uncharted territory so let your imagination be your guide.

2. Pick Your Channel

A CHANNEL is where the QR Code on the Media points to. It is where the content of your campaign is delivered and the visitors interacts with you (a good thing).

A Channel can simply be a means to download a Mobile Application or a link to a Landing Page for conducting surveys. A Cross-Channel combines venues such as iPad, eCatalog and a Video Demo.

Here again, it is important to research your target market as much as possible in order to select the channel(s) that are most likely to make your audience feel natural and comfortable.

3. Track Your Campaign

Tracking your campaign is critical towards the success of your campaign. This is your opportunity to evaluate the data in order to make appropriate adjustments and improve the campaign  performance.

You’ll be able to see, in real time, the total scans for a specified period, the bounce rate on landing pages, the  decoders used, the location of the user and much more!

We’ll show you how to analyze the numbers and take advantage of the timely reports in order to minimize the bounce rates, lifting your conversion rate and increasing your return on engagement.

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